Exercise Tips: Seated Cable Rows

Our brand ambassador, ‘Edie Guelere’, a personal trainer & swimming teacher  at the Harbour Club Chelsea is showing the unique techniques how to do a ‘Seated Cable Rows’. Please follow him on Instagram @edguelere. And for more information, please emailto: edguelere.pt@gmail.com 

Seated Cable Rows: (Straps recommend for high rep sets).

  • Your shoulder should be in front of hips.
  • Torso tall.
  • Keep slightly flexion in the hips (but make sure do not backward lean)
  • Now bend your knees slightly.
  • Bring the bar or grip-bar right the way into your stomach.
  • You have to keep the cable low and think about ‘shoving’ down throughout (your intention)
  • To change the angle, place a dumbbell (for example) onto the seat to provide an elevation (around 9” or so)

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