Exercise Tips: One Arm Dumbbell Rows

Our brand ambassador, ‘Edie Guelere’, a personal trainer & swimming teacher  at the Harbour Club Chelsea is showing the unique techniques how to do a ”One Arm Dumbbell Rows”. Please follow him on Instagram @edguelere. And for more information, please emailto: edguelere.pt@gmail.com 

One Arm Dumbbell Rows:

(Always use a neutral grip unless stated otherwise)

  • Hold the seat of a bench to help stop trunk from sliding backwards, re-shift weight forward every rep if necessary; weights should be distributed between the supporting arm and opposite standing leg, none on the knee on the bench, shoulder directly over the DB at the bottom.
  • Angle of knee and hip on bench should greater than 90 degree
  • Shift all the way ‘forward and out’ so the dumbbell is supported by the lat (not the arm)
  • Shoulders should remain square with hips and standing leg should be bent slightly.
  • Above any rotation of the torso and movement of the hips throughout.
  • ”Shove” backwards to create an extra line of force before then contracting the weight back up (try to hold this tension throughout, including on the way back down)

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