Exercise Tips: Biceps implementation guide (Barbell Curls)

Our brand ambassador, ‘Edie Guelere’, a personal trainer & swimming teacher  at the Harbour Club Chelsea is showing the unique techniques how to do a barbell curls. Please follow him on Instagram @edguelere. And for more information, please emailto: edguelere.pt@gmail.com 

 Barbell Curls:

  • Elbows very slightly in front of the body (about 30 degrees or so)
  • Curl the weight up in the form of an arch (out and up) as opposed to up and dow

Variations: Driving elbows together + high into shoulder flexion:

  • From the top position of the above (having curled the weight up), raise the elbows quickly until they are parallel to the ground. From here, squeeze the elbows toward each other for a 2 count while simultaneously shoving the hands in an outwards direction. Once done, bring the weight back to the position of a standard barbell curl and lower the weight as you would a barbell curl 

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